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Overthinking Conflict

Mar 22, 2018

This week is the final episode in the Reinforcing Foundations series we explore Process Management with Gordon Sloan. We get into the details of this complex and difficult question and find insights to help you prepare yourself and your clients for success. 

ADR Education

Bernie Mayer - The Dynamics of Conflict...

Mar 15, 2018

This week we are joined by Dr. Mike Talbot to explore Assertiveness and its role in process management. This is part 5 in our series designed to reinvigorate our core conflict resolution skills.

UK Mediation

Gestalt Theory

Marshall Rosenberg - Non-violent Communication

4 step assertion sequence

1. When you do...

2. I...

Mar 9, 2018

This week we are joined by Lorraine Segal to explore boundaries. This is part 4 of our series designed to Reinvigorate some of our core Conflict Resolution skills. In this episode we try to answer these 2 big questions. How do I figure out what my boundaries should be? and What do I do when boundaries are violated?


Feb 27, 2018

This week we continue our series to reinvigorate our conflict resolution skills with a focus on reframing. We explore the techniques, ideas and spaces where reframes can be used to shift dialogue with Stephanie Grunze-Swanson.

Rapid City Community Conversations

Tammy Lenksi's Podcast - The Space Between

Our challenge...

Feb 13, 2018

Welcome to the second episode in our 6 week series designed to reinvigorate some of our core conflict resolution skills

This week we are exploring the keys to good questions with Cinnie Noble. We discuss why questions are so important to the resolution process and how we can ask better questions. 

Cinnie's Book -