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Overthinking Conflict

Episode 36 - Winter Reflections

Dec 4, 2018

In this Episode C.D. and Amanda take some time to reflect on the last year and look forward to 2019. This is the longest show notes and link list we've done by about 200%. So we've pulled our 2 call-outs to the top of the list!

1. We are collecting ideas for the 2019 SKill Series. If there are skills you think we should add to the list let us know @overconflict or

2. Happiness by Aminatta Forna is the CoRe Reads holiday book club pick. Read it with us over the holidays.

C.D. Co-Chaired the BC CLE Conflict Resolutiuon Conference 2018 - Evolving Practices for Changing Times

Amanda has been studying Conversational Intelligence with Judith Glaser. Judith passed away last week and will be greatly missed by the entire CIQ community. You can find out more about Judith and her work at

As we begin a season filled with family visits we are reminded of some of the great advice from Episode 24 - Curiousity for Better Holidays with Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins


Skill Series

Did you enjoy last year's skill series? Are there skills you really think we should do next year? Let us know which ones you would love to see covered @overconflict

C.D. and Amanda found a different set of last year's series really useful Which were your favourites? We've gathered them all here for you just in case you want a refresher!

Episode 25 - Spotlight on Paraphrasing with Luke Weisner

Episode 26 - Spotlight on Effective Questions with Cinnie Noble

Episode 27 - Spotlight on Reframing with Stephanie Grunze-Swanson

Episode 28 - Spotlight on Boundaries with Lorraine Segal

Episode 29 - Spotlight on Assertiveness with Dr. Michael Talbot

Episode 30 - Process Management with Gordon Sloan


Will you join C.D. and Amanda in reading Happiness by Aminatta Forna for CoRe Reads? CoRe Reads is a holiday book club for Conflict Resolution professionals. This year's book was chosen through a consensus process led by Wendy Lakusta

You can see the full video of Wendy Lakusta's facilitation here, after watching the video myself I plan to read all 3 books over my holidays!

Julie Daum - Happiness by Amminata Forna

Aaron Leakey - Blindness by Jose Saramago

Darsey Meredith - Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Julie Daum, CoRe Reads, C.D. and Amanda will be debriefing the book in January, date to be determined. We will announce the date once we know it on twitter and in our newsletter.

Have a Wonderful Holidays! Talk Soon!