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Overthinking Conflict

Sep 25, 2018

We are back and excited get some of the episodes we recorded last Spring out to you!

Did you count how many times we said "exciting" in this episode?

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Coming this Fall

And when they have questions about Indigenous Law, it would be really helpful if they would ask themselves if they would ask that same question of Canadian Law.  - Val Napoleon

Access to Justice Technology cannot be built in a lab. - Simon Boehme

I saw opportunities and gaps within our systems and structures where people could be harmed and a reoccurring theme through all of these systems and structures is the opportunity for people to practice oppressing other people. - Rhea Settles

When you throw a technology solution to solve that problem you only get to the point of proceduralness. - Miguel Willis

Powerful questions, possibility questions invite us to invite our clients and parties in dispute to just take what is going on a little bit differently, to change it up. - Cinnie Noble