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Overthinking Conflict

Oct 30, 2018

Join us this week as we explore the concepts of Indigenous Law in Canada. Val takes us through the role of stories in rebuilding the body of indigenous law, the importance of laws for indigenous communities and how being a multijurisdictional country can work.

"They need to consider and conceptualize indigenous law...

Oct 23, 2018

This short bonus episode features our chat with Evelyn Zellerer at the ADRBC 2018 Symposium. We explore the relationship between mediation and restorative justice. This feels like the beginning of a conversation. If you would like us to continue it let us know @overconflict

You can find out more about Evelyn Zellerer at...

Oct 16, 2018

In this episode we explore the concept of Civility with Rhea Settles and the work she has done as an educator and mediator to transform workplaces. Rhea is the originator of Civility Mediation and Facilitation. We explore civility, bullying and oppression. What would it take for people to willfully share the space?

Oct 9, 2018

This short bonus episode features our chat with Patricia Lane at the ADRBC 2018 Symposium. We talk about politics, electoral reform, inclusion and activism. Unsurprisingly we raise a lot more questions that we answer.

You can find Patricia Lane online or

Oct 2, 2018

What role could technology play in Access to Justice?

This week we are joined by Miguel Willis and Simon Boehme to explore the relationship between Access to Justice and Legal Technology. How are Social Justice and Access to Justice related? What steps can we take to ensure that we build inclusive technology? 

The blog...