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Overthinking Conflict

Oct 19, 2017

Amanda attended the Association for Conflict Resolution's 2017 Annual Conference in Addison, Texas

Thank you Tammy Lenski and Cinnie Noble for the invitation.

Question triggered from Jennifer Kresge's session: What impact does concussion or brain injury have on people's ability to participate in resolution processes?

Question triggered from ODR sessions: If confidentiality can not be guaranteed in online dispute resolution, how does that change the resolution process?

Thank you to my new colleagues who were so willing to share their thoughts.

Julie Beauchesne, Labour Mediator

Leslie Nelson Coker, EEO and Discrimination Mediator

Errika Bridgeford, Baltimore Ceasefire

Pegotty Cooper, Divorce Coach Inc.

Doug Brookman, Public Solutions

Katrina Nobles, Cornell University


Did you attend the ACR Conference this year? What are your thoughts and takeaways? Tell us @overconflict